29 Jul 2017

Chose your path after looking at the Required tasks of L3 and L4

There are 10 path to chose from. Each path has 5 levels. TMI helps you chose after you answer to some questions, then lets you chose which one of the ten you want to go on.

Going through my first path, now I just begun tasks from the level 5, then looking through my 2nd path, I realised, that what really differentiate them are the so called Required projects of level 3 and level 4th.

The level 1 is identical, the level 2 almost identical, and the difference if any is not great.

At level 3 you have 1 required Project (task) and 2 from 15 (soon more) you can chose from. 
At level 4 you have 1 required task & 1 to chose from many longer ones (same for all path)

Level 5 gives you long range projects, some to chose from others required. 3 HPL 3 with 6 Month leadership role. Remaining 4 I would recommend for the first path, faster to achieve. PM; LD; VC; TC

In this text, I show the level 3 and level 4 required projects, as I think they help to chose the Path.

I have already gone through those from Visionary Communication, and looking forward soon for the level 3 for Presentation Mastery. Effective Coaching I have taken because of its title, not so sure now. And I have chose to do next, in the farther future, Motivation Strategy as I am interested in "understanding emotional intelligence" and to learn to better motivate others.

Let me know, what did you chose and if this helps you to chose.

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