1 Jul 2017

So many interesting to chose from!

Finished my level 4, with the last speech at Witty Storytellers Online about Change. It was the second time I have given that speech differently, before different audience and club. I realise, that the project about Change will be very important also when I will speak as Pathways Ambassador in the future.
And of course, also outside Toastmasters. I had to click on this and submit, to finish my level.

This morning a glimpse at Visionary Communication's level 5 Elective Projects. I have to chose one.

In fact, I like the title of many. A HPL ? Speak Professionally? Already did them, but they did teach me a lot. Lessons learned, I will read and do for sure, but it is not enough! They all seem to smile to me.

I decided to learn a new skill: Moderate a Panel discussion.

Will try to do a modest subject, panel and attendance first, then learn from it and redo it in a bigger scale. It is really wonderful all the opportunities the Pathways, and my chosen path gives me!

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