7 Nov 2018

Active listening - Level 2 project

Today, I presented a TTM session from the Project Level 2 Active Listening, present at some paths. It did present different problems.

First, I was prepared to ask questions about each members Pathways experience, but we did have tonight 8 guests, who did never heard about the program. OK, our theme was "positive thinking" and I also used our word of the day to ask questions. And later, even about "change", ending and beginnings. I got 15 Table Topics, so we made it shorter.

Second, there was a TT Evaluator already, upset that he did not have to evaluate. I was supposed to Actively Listen, and after each answer tell what I heard. Do we have to have in plus also TTEvaluator ? I did not think, but the one who has been given the role on the agenda, anyway was very upset.

Third, my head turned and turned, I did not feel well. It was not an easy meeting for me. 

What was wonderful is that we had so many guests. "How did you find us?" Through Google. Social media is great and our President knows how to make article with positive words about our clubs! Very tired. 

As I realized that for some reason some can not use my three groups in which I added the 10 paths from my blog, I will publish it also direct on facebook and add to my next presentation too. Already did once, it went well. And added to my page. Do not hesitate to use all or any of them and also make derivative work if you wish. Difficult day today, but each day the sun can not shine.

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