25 Nov 2018

"I finished my project?" How to tell?

In every project, we can jump to the Self Assessment-After, or, stop it there while we deliver the speech or last speech of the project. When we open, or let me say, "If we open" the Project Checklist always present in any project's beginning, and again, towards end, the last advice is (now): After having done the tasks and delivered the speech, answer to Self Assessment After questions. 

So, what it the problem, then? I do not always open the Project Checklist... but, in my opinion, the problem are these small rounds and the button "NEXT" who appears and we have to use to progress, instead the right Arrow

When I did arrive at this stage, in my First Path, first Project, after the first answer, I calmly continued with the big right arrow as before. And as too many of you also, alas, remained inside the project, could not Break out of the Icebreaker! 

I am still wondering, why the programmer who created the user interface of our great Pathways projects, decide to play with so many different buttons, instead of remaining consistent with just one or two of them?

I get that we have to choose between 1 to 5 and click, but once we done it, why not continue as before with > Why should we use NEXT 

And, even some other times "More"!

Why sometimes there are 5 Different Questions, other times 7 or 6 ? The questions are interesting and the same as they were given us Before... (only our own eyes) to compare how we changed between Before and After.

As with this "Before" questions, if we want to make sure ALL where answered, we have to SAVE after answering to this last question. ALWAYS, this is the LAST Question in any Project, make sure you do arrive here: "I recognize how this project applies to my life outside of Toastmasters.

Once upon a time, during my pathways experience, I did not believe that for finishing a project, answering or not to all "BEFORE" questions does not matter. And tested it. 

Well, it does not matter. 

I answered only to the AFTER, and my project closed! Before I had finished it! Conclusion? I had to wait 2 long month till I could find a club where we could offer my longer Panel discussion! Yes, during those weeks in my mind was the worry that the Project seemed finished when in fact it was not. It was a good learning!  

It is ONLY answering to ALL questions of Auto Assessment - After and this last one also then SAVING that signals to the Base camp that the project is finished. 

Then, after a little while, Base Camp refreshes and does put an X near the project and then, asks us to Evaluate it. What??? Evaluate? Yes, meaning, to tell what WE did think of the project just finished. Not how we did it, but how the project helped, etc. Would have liked more if they found another word for it. By the way, if you do not answer (I usually do) to the questions, the Project is still finished. After a while, 10 days, it seems, the Evaluate transforms to Launch again as after I answer to the questions.

Of course, when finished ALL three (or later two) projects, we still have to tell "We finished the Level" and ask to be approved this time by VPE or one other of the Base Camp Managers (President or Secretary). 

I did finish yesterday morning, my last Level 2 speech, (Introduction to Mentoring) online, and wrote a letter to the Base Camp Managers of the club I told my story: "please approve it" to my delight, just 10 minutes later, the Secretary of the club approved it. She published the screen, and then I realized that for her it was 2am, middle of the night ! I got a letter from Toastmasters International, that I can open the certificate of completion: for me it was 9 AM. "Go to the Tutorials and look how it is done" was in the letter. OK, I opened the certificate, made a snapshot, then wrote "please add it also to my awards for the club". Done too! And now?
Now, I could open my Level 3 Required Project from my path Team Collaboration! And that was the real gift! I indeed, really really need it NOW ! Need it not "outside Toastmasters" but "outside my club".
Part of the morning was then spend to read the first time, online, every page, even if did not yet begun the tasks given. That Project is what I need now, advice how to "collaborate" and not to how to be a leader. Collaborate, at equal foot with a team. For a small project... a small team... is suggested at first, but the same we learn from it, can be applied for bigger one's, longer one's. 

"You can create together a meeting, or initiate many pathways stories: we have all to agree on the goal and determine together, our skills and talents, and what part each agree to do." There are a lot of useful advices in this online manual! And also asking us to write lists about ourselves, in plus, asking to go and learn some more about one of the topics. Wonderful !

So happy I got through the more or less known Level 2 to arrive here! Really love the Team Collaboration's required project at Level 3. It seems to me as a gift I just got. 

Well, for things like this, I do not mind the awkward user interface, that with time, will change anyway. But projects like this, will remain.

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