5 Nov 2018

How we get to our Paths ?

After going to the bookmarked Toastmaster, we could reach our paths in different ways, enter our "Base Camp" from Pathways, in two ways at least. But I usually, use this "third way". 

After logging in, and of course my login is saved to my computer so I do not have to remember it, I open my "Welcome Julie!" on the very top. Just under my address (here hidden by a white rectangle) there is the Pathways logo and under it the number of path we got. All the way to the right of it, it is written "Go to my transcript". 

For some strange reasons, that means where our Paths and Classes we opened beside it are located.  Transcript comes from Higher Education I believe, not a word I would have ever used! Anyway, it does take me directly where I want it to go. It does take me when I do not want to change "base club" or do not need to enter as Base Camp manager, which is most of the time. 

Once in my "Transcript" which is also called Educational Transcript, I choose "Curriculum" which hides all but my three Active Paths. The others, my five Completed path, and my one Archived Path, the printed Presentation Mastery I never want to see again, in all six, are hidden. I do usually have three Active Paths open, each at different level of completion. 

One of the path, completed in English, is the same as a path I work now in French, they are considered to be different path, that is why I have "9 path" marked instead of what I do consider, really 7 of them. 

I am preparing now to finish my DTM Project, and at the same time will begin, just begin the Level 2 in Team Collaboration, when I will have time. At the same time, I am now in the month of my Level 4 Compelling Blog Project, in the Motivation Strategy path, and at the comfortable Level 3 of the Leadership Development. Comfortable, as any of the 13 projects could be chosen whenever I need to do some other project or occasion to speak or present. 

You may wonder, why the Leadership Central is open in this image: to show one of my club Treasurer, how to get to the Club Central and be able to pay for new members. Often an image speaks, at least for me more then many words. And for you?

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