8 Nov 2018

Motivation Strategy 12th Elective done!

That was an experiment, went very well. I opened and got through all the 12 Electives of the Motivational Strategy Path. Did 11 of them, got evaluated, then declared the Level 3 finished. 

We did work on the 12th elective, "Prepare for interview" but only Tuesday we had occasion to go through the interview. By then, "officially" I was on Level 4. After the meeting, I went back, even uploaded the Evaluation and declared my Project done, at one Level lower then I was.
As you see here, I took the screenshot yesterday, when I have not Evaluated for TMI sake the project. By now, I went back to it and it shows like all the other done projects Launch. Of course, only 2 of the 12 are the minimum, but the system let me do all 12.
And here is how now my Level 3 looks like. Completed 3 Min Required 3 Total items 3 on top, did not change, but if you look at the Elective Projects it shows Completed 12 ! from Total items 12. 

So yes, after we do the minimum and go farther, we can go back, Activate, Launch and Do the tasks from another Elective Project, and even if we are not getting extra credit for it, "do it" and get is acknowledged and done. 

Today, I listened to Nadia's doing again Podcast project from Level 4, and telling us that in her second path, it went better: more conversational and without editing. She even let us listen to 3 interesting minutes of her last podcast. I got courage. Yes, of course, even if it takes me longer, I will do all the Level 4 Elective Projects also for my Motivational Strategy. 

This morning, I was asked "how much we have to pay to be able to get and do all the other Electives"? Nothing. The price is included when we get a path. We get 37 Projects! Yes, only 14 of them are there for "credit", but we can have them all at our fingertips. Open, enjoy, save or print, do and get feedback, then close them. Declare them done.

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Marguerite said...

Encouraging information that we can do as much as we like and that repeating the project in a different Path is helpful!