18 Nov 2018


From Matthew Kleinosky who published it to the Pathways Discussion Forum.

I really like how clear it puts it in our mind.

"When it comes to Pathways Projects

One can DO or Not Do

There is no "UNDO"

Some Toastmaster Presenter showed how to close a Project, when in fact, the speech was not yet given, the project not finished. But once he clicked on the last part of the Self assessment - after, and saved it to show how it is done, it was no "undo". As me, he had to wait many weeks till the project was really completed, all the way knowing that Base Camp does see it as done.

I described it a while ago, when it happened to me with a Panel discussion: it was not easy and it took time to find a panel and make the project happen. It was not a great feeling. I learned my lesson, not to think that the Self Assessment before not done has any importance. So, we all learn.

It is not SOOO important: the earth will not move. We are not punished. We have to wait to DO, is all. What the Base Camp believes and what we know may be different. They are our projects! It is up to us to DO what we know it is still not done. Most important:

Yesterday, I learned how important an image can be to fix something in mind.

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Marguerite said...

Comforting thoughts! Pathways is indeed a little more yielding than the traditional program.