22 Nov 2018

Pathways DTM Project Completed

Some of us today, as I told my second speech from the DTM Project, in Witty Storytellers Online club meeting and Graham Evaluated and promptly send me the feedback!

Now, the DTM Project, as I answered to the Auto Assessment -After questions, is no more Active! It can be found as Completed.

Where to put the Evaluation uploaded? I added it to Documents, as it is not inside any Level.

I learned another lesson, again. What is clear in my mind, may be less clear to my audience. Graham asked "instead of one big meeting, many smaller ones: is this good or bad, not clear" He noticed that I spoke about a "movement started" so I believed it was clear. Many meetings, indeed are better then one. And even if my Pathways DTM project is behind me, the movement it started is not, it will continue. I will continue it, my team mates will continue it, YOU will continue it.

Pathways Story Swap, will continue all over the world, in different clubs and meetings.

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Marguerite said...

Wow! What a concept!