11 Nov 2018

Login / Logout Plus: read small texts

Toastmasters.org and then ask to Login : if the first time, tell "I have forgotten my password" and you are send one to your email, that you can then change. After Login, a new Welcome Julie appears (well with your name) that you can open and from there, go direct to the Transcript, inside your Basecamp. That is what I usually do: fastest way.

Once you logged in you arrive at that page or if you login differently, when you click on the Education Transcript blue Tile. Lots of things are there! And I show here where we find the logout as for very long, I did not find it myself. After log out from Base Camp, we still have to logout from TMI, or linger and discover what is there (a lot) too.

In small letters, on top of your Paths titles, it suggest us to Open Curriculum to access our project, and only on the bottom it is written on normal and not bold letters "ensure your pop-up blocker is turned off" before launching projects. 

Too long, too many of us, do not read small letter advices that are on the top of a page. We go straight to the Path, Project, Level, etc where we are working. Also we do not prepare our computer, Safari or Opera or IE Web Browser to open all that pops up in a TAB and a great window! That advice not seen anywhere, for me changed my life with Projects. And others, got hours of frustrations with disappearing windows, or windows that did not open up big enough to see the arrows to progress inside Projects. A little knowledge in plus, a little more preparation may spare us a lot of frustration.

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