23 Nov 2018

No more "Active"

As soon, as I answered to the Self Assessment - After questions from my Distinguished Toastmaster Project, it disappeared from my Education Transcript's Active page. 

My three recent active paths remained only in the Transcript. 

Where is iT? It was not in the Completed Curriculum, page either. 

I had to look at each category to find it between the many "classes", informational mostly, I have taken. Here it is, finally with the date of completion under it. 

Svetlana, my club's VPE have send the application, which is special, to the TMI already, but I do not hold my breath: it is Thanksgiving weekend in USA. When the Education Awards team will come back from the weekend celebrations, perhaps they will open the mail. Or, they will put in a list, and open it when it's time arrives.

Does not matter. I feel relieved. Heaviness no more there. I will continue lighthearted. 

I already consider my project a success, not only one but seven places we shared pathways stories or pathways topics between us. Others, will follow as times go. Energy comes back to me as I feel I did what I was supposed to do as expected, and even more perhaps. Will speak in more places and "start a movement".

The rest of "more" will be at my initiative but not inside my project. Not this one, at least. I got an online meeting today, will speak in another tomorrow, and will assist also yet others Sunday and Monday and perhaps even Tuesday. 

Wednesday, was a revelation to me. At my brick-and-mortar club, nearby where I live, we spoke about the 10th anniversary of our club. The first President of the club, who last year was VPE and opposed to Pathways presided. Two weeks before, I did hold a Pathways Topic sessions and believed it was not a success, because the huge number of guests, I asked Pathways Experience questions only from a few, our members. The guests, got questions about Change, Transformations. 

This week, our first president, offered the Pathways Pin, to our first Toastmaster who finished Level 1 in our club, and gave a speech telling to all "a new program is there and to remain, and we are looking forward to it!" and linked it to our 10th year anniversary.

The same that in February, was the most difficult to convince to let us, Pathways Ambassador and Guide present the new program in the club, and still did not choose a path for himself, now seemed very convinced: Pathways arrived, Pathways is here to stay. Pathways is the future for all of us. 

I felt, it was the result of the Pathways topics, and topics about Change. At some time, realization arrived to him. If even to him, it will arrive to others, still reluctant too. 

Telling about our experiences in a story like format is always a win! 

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