6 Nov 2018

Paths rearranged as they belong together

The ten path are always shown in Alphabetical Order, and not which are similar to others. 

I rearranged this morning, through Adobe Photoshop Elements as I see them. The Level 1 of all are identical and the Level 2 have not significant differences. So let us look at the Level 3 and Level 4 Required Projects and the last Specific to each Path.
This are the four easier or faster paths to finish, and also interesting one's! I begun to find my vision, and spoke about it at the end. Then I delivered at the end of the Presentation Mastery a longer, keynote like speech. 

  • Add now the new HUMOR path, EH to this four.

After that I created an Event, a smaller then a bigger one with Leadership Development. Motivation Strategies leads also to an event but the most important in it is to do it with a team and use it for team building. 

The next three path all finish in "Lead in any situation" and ask to be part of a team or lead a team for six month. Not all same but similar to each other. The volunteer organization to lead may be Toastmasters International club committee or more, but may also mean any other Volunteer Organization, and also for "at least six month".
From this three I did finish Effective Coaching, which I took on as I judged the title, and did not realize it ends with a High Performance Leadership project as the two others do. 

I do not know if I will ever take on Innovative Planning or Persuasive Influence. But I just realized now, looking at the Persuasive Influence, that it not only requires High Performance Influence but also six month leading in difficult situation, thus perhaps taking the longest of all the path to go through.

I hope, till I finish the others, and perhaps take on even Strategic Relationship, the new paths will be available and I could choose Humor to tackle. 


egrodziak said...

Julie - This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your experience. I will be including this in my district officer training Pathways presentation.

Marguerite said...

I like the arrangement of the Paths. Yes, we are looking forward to the Humorous Speaking Path! I guess TI is still planning it.

Marguerite said...

I like this arrangement of the Paths. It makes sense.