19 Nov 2018

Pathways stories online

This is how the first storytelling begun, at our Witty Storytellers Online club. The theme was Pathways Storyswap. The day, 11 October 2018. We meet every 2nd, and 4th Thursdays, London time at 6 am. and 3rd Thursdays, the 2 pm London time. When the sun comes up in London, it goes down in Australia, and it is very late in evening the day before in Oregon. Despite that, we are all together at the same time and interact with each other.

In the middle, Magda all the way from New Zealand. telling her pathways experience story using screen sharing in Zoom video conferencing. She is also Founder and president of Ablaze Online Advanced club, they all have adopted Pathways with gusto.

Listen to the various stories about our pathways experiences, all three from Pathways projects. 

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Marguerite said...

Thanks for sharing the tape of the speech!