2 Nov 2018

This morning changed my Slide Presentation

After adding some slides and hiding others, I went to an online meeting. As one of the speakers did not come, I was allowed to show them in 7 minutes. Then discuss the slides I will present tomorrow.

After the meeting, we had a little time for round table questions and comments.

One of the Toastmasters suggested, I add an Agenda at the front of 15 slides. The other, to tell story of what I like and what I do not like. i was asked after meeting to send my slides. Alas they occupy too much for a normal email as it is, 23 Mega, but as PDF it was about 5 meg only, so I could send it. I can not add yet in blog nor podcast nor presentations, only links to them.

The third Toastmaster, asked me to explain "slide 10 in more detail".  In all I had 15 slides. I realized then, it is good I added numbers to the slides.

It was important I show it bigger. Indeed, it has (created by Mark Snow) very clearly explained the Evaluation and Feedback three tasks. Still, it needed more. Explain that the three tasks have to be in three different club meetings. Then, that we have to get a feedback in the first and add one of the specific suggestions (or more) in our second speech thus improving it. Third, now that we understood the importance of a Specific Feedback that can be used, we are the one to Evaluate someone else speech.

There is more in the project, but explaining that One Project which is in every Level 1 has in fact three task and has to be done at different meetings, was useful, and they were very happy with my answer explaining "slide ten". So I was right, adding it there.

As I worked a lot to prepare the slides, measuring what to hide from previous presentation and what needed to be added also, which to be made bigger, I will count it like the Project Level 3 about learning Presentation tools. Will ask for one written feedback for it. Why waist a presentation I had given? In Pathways, getting feedback from more then one is also not only permitted, but suggested.

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