19 Nov 2018

Triple crown? How many Awards in a year?

Me? Triple Crown? I even did not dream it!

Three awards in a Toastmasters Year? That was for others, never for me.

In the 7 years before Pathways Education Program, I got DTM and then again ACG, in all about 14 awards, manuals finished. But slowly. Never three in the same year. In only first three month, from 25 March to 29 June 2017, I got my first three levels! My first ever triple crow! At least, in theory it was there, and would have gotten it if I could go to D27.

From July 2017 to June 2018, I got a Triple Crown from District 7 and if it would have counted, at least three, but at least one from District 27, West Virginia. And 2 awards only for undistricted.

I am happy to have a crown at least as a picture, perhaps I will get on from each district, if they decide it it is worth sending it to me.

I would like at least to see how it does look.

The names nearby are by alphabetical order of names, I could not dump the rest but it goes on and on. Pathways does offer many of us many awards.

Instead of waiting till 10 projects are finished, in fact we get one every three: that is one of the advantages of Levels.

Some complain, why are those Levels there and closed, but the make their own universe, each. And at the end of each there is an award.

Of course, a huge joy at first one, then, we become slowly biased. At the end, the Projects and the people we met through working with the Paths and through Projects are a lot more important. We do realize, that once we got over the strange user interface, we get so much from it. Just do not give up.

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Marguerite said...

Congratulations on the Triple Crown!
Great encouragement at the end!