29 Nov 2018

Navigator will be accessible at any time from any device

A part of speech, from D. Rex speech in Sri Lanka.

"We have started a team called the Pathways Digital Experience and since Pathways rolled out, we know that while people are very happy with the educational content, the digital interface is not great.

There are some issues that slow us down in Basecamp, and it can be a struggle for some people.

So this team - it's about six .. eight people right now - are focusing 100% on making that better.

And we have new things that we are going to be rolling out in the coming months that will make the entire electronic experience a lot better than it has been.

The first of those will be The Navigator.

How many of you have heard of The Navigator? You may have printed the PDF file, gone online and viewed it ... what we have done is taken the Navigator out of the 'bucket of software' that it is in, and built it completely into the website so that it is accessible at any time from any device, and with responsive design.

And that is the pattern that we are going to follow - so whether you are using your phone, or using a tablet, or using a full screen, you are going to have easy access." 

So, for the Navigator, in a few weeks, for other improvements in a few months. Thinking Positive: improvements to the user interface, and some other goodies will arive.

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