27 Nov 2018

All projects in a Level available to us

I got a message today "please send me an Elective Project from Level 4 as I can not access it before completing the Required Project from my path. So wrong!

I just arrived at Level 3 of Team Collaboration, with the Successful Collaboration, a great Required Project in it. As I already Activated it, and read it twice, in can be opened with Launch.

Then, there are 12 Elective Projects, we can not see indeed, till we do not click on View Details. But as soon as we click on View Details button, we got these Projects, and a lot more that I did not show now.
Activate in the middle of the button if you are interested to read, save, print any of them, then Launch after it was already activated to read and study any project - or all 12 one after other - at any time. As you see, from these in the front, I went to read again the Connect to Storytelling. 

But once inside a Level, all project are available, and for sure, we do not have to finish the Required project before we do, finish any of the Elective Projects.

I could indeed open Successful Collaboration project, that I like a lot. But even if it is a relatively short project it will take some time to "collaborate" creating a small event, or project.

At the same time, I also opened the Connect with Storytelling project, and begun to think, which story to tell and try to find a moment when something important changed for me. 
Something that will tell my audience also the message I want to convey through the story.

Just because the Elective Projects are not Visible, till we click on View Details, it does not mean we can not see and access all of those available in our Level!

It is not the first time I read and prepare a story from this project. Each time, I find something new. Discover how connected it is with other Projects in this level.

This page hints that it would be useful to review Understanding Vocal Variety and Effective Body Language. This is, between others, that was not eliminated from the Printed Path Level 3. And if on web we can access ALL electives, for those with Printed manual it is not possible.
Beside the two projects mentioned, there is also the Descriptive Language that could help a lot for better preparing the story, and, in my opinion, also the Persuasive Speaking or Inspiring Project. 

When I was at Visionary Communication, my first web Path, at the same time, in fact before the Storytelling Project, I did deliver twice, in different ways, the Vocal Variety. Had so much fun with them! 

Of course, me being me, all my Projects Level 1 and 2 where also told like stories.

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