24 Nov 2018

Learning styles and about importance of TIME

From Wednesday, this week I got a speech or a meeting every day. Lots to do! I love the "lots to do" when I do not feel the pressure!

Today, I heard that some say, there are more then just three learning styles: Visual, Acoustic and Experimental (kinesthetic), in fact seems to be seven. Of course, even if one style is more "us" we all have some from each at the same time.

We can not be put in a box!
Looking at the seven styes shown to me today, I only can say which I do have very little part: spacial? musical? linguistic? very little for me. I would not have call it Logical, but I was always good in math even if not used it a lot. 

I love to be as much solitary and social. It depends. 

Physical: experimenting YES. 
I will learn more about those different learning styles in two weeks in Global Trainers Online. 

In all those learning styles, where the Storytelling fits? 

I do believe, most of our learning goes on when we are told stories or tell stories to each other. Also some, of course while we create those stories to tell. And we offer a lot to each other when we share Pathways Stories between us. Or any kind of stories.

Today, back to basics, nth time I spoke from the project "Introduction to Mentoring" for my Team Collaboration path, it was not easy but I found what to tell. Mentoring.

Coaching, Training, Teaching, and so on, we do Offer Time. And when we get it, we are given Time. The gift of time we have to cherish and not to abuse. Time with each other is very precious.


Marguerite said...

It's interesting to learn how people learn.
Don't you think you will find that Storytelling belongs to all of the styles of learning?

Marguerite said...

It's interesting to learn how people learn.
I think you will find that Storytelling fits with all of the styles of learning.