3 Nov 2018

Three meetings preparing my workshop

Friday, noon, I showed my slides in 8 minutes and got a round table feedback. "Too many slides, and we also need up and down stories" So true! 

I took out or hid some "pretty pictures" that were not needed, and at last minute, early very early this morning went to find some pictures with Arab writing on it. Evaluations.

Arab is one of the languages, all paths are available, and Saturday, I was to offer a workshop with QA to a district in an Arab country.

Biggest problem was, how would I know at what level of knowledge the Attendees were? How many begun, how many at least got a path? How far they where on their journey. 

Friday afternoon, we made a rehearsal on the GoWebinar that I just discovered. Not at all my favorite tool, but in one hour, finally I understood and with Alina help, I understood not only how to use it but understood better how much more Keynote, the Mac Power point application can offer me. Now, I use it and will use it at a different level. More of its possibilities unraveled to me. One more project from Level 3, done. 

Of course, my intention was to ease the access to pathways, instead of a big gap, make it more like this.

When you have someone holding your hands, when you got workshops, videos, and, yes my blog posts, it is easier to get "in" and over the bumps of user interface.

After a joke and a few personal stories, explained why, I got to the slides and, I think my face was hidden. With that program, I have never seen other then the total number of attendees, but Alina, who organized this morning meeting, got to see who wanted to ask questions after the meeting, and offered them the "mic" one by one to ask questions.

Yesterday, I entered Base Camp through my IPad to get some Arab text: they liked it!

If not for other reason, because showed I thought about them. Cared. And I had good and interesting questions, from beginners but also from those farther along. Only one question did really bother me: "I am new, Toastmaster from 1 month" he told me. In my club, they tell me I should begin with CC and CL manual not the pathways. 

A new Toastmaster can not declare anything other then in Paths and Levels and will progress faster also. How come some "seasoned members" try to push him to the old program and in plus, make his regret that he has to do the new?!

As for me, beside finishing a project, on which I can still work a bit, Level 3 of Discovering Presentation Softwares, better, which I did these last days, even recording one of my rehearsals! I also had another path's Question and Answer Session. I was happy to be able to answer to all questions that I understood. Only one was fuzzy, as it came not direct from who needed it, and was not explained enough to be understood. Zoom is a lot better, as the one in need may show his or her screen so I understand the problem. 

I do feel, my workshop went well, the first time without seeing anyone's face, just hearing their voices when they asked questions or thanked for the workshop. I can do it! Even if not at all what I prefer. And I will find a way also to upload slides, and offer links in my blog and my facebook. 

I also found someone who offered to read my blog for a month, wonderful! and begun to build more "social media presence": these will take a lot more time to finish. That is why it is wonderful to be at three different levels with my three different Paths. Second, third and forth. With my blog, as you can see I passed 90,000 views: I love round numbers! 
Promote your blog: that links the two projects I am working now in two of my paths. 

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