12 Nov 2018

Surprises as Pathways Topic Answers

Brian, messaged me "will you come to our meeting?" I answered "yes". Not knowing what will happen at the Royal Roads toastmasters meeting. I have been visiting them from London all the way to Victoria Islands Canada, for long. 
What could you do? I was asked at the very beginning. "May I be the Table Topics Master?" I answered. I would like to ask Pathways Topics today!


A little later, one of the speakers told us "I am not ready" and then I volunteered to give a speech: "my leadership style" from the Team Collaboration path's Level 2. I was ready!

I also asked when my time come to be recorded, and the table topics was recorded also.

The others, you did not see here were at work and did not open their video, assisted in silence, writing in the chat only to contribute. As I had two roles, I will not count the TTM role today, only my speech, which will be evaluated by Sri. 

Most interesting in today's meeting? A very unexpected answer from Brian, the VPE ! At my question, which path or project he liked most, he answered "High Performance Leadership, both times. Because it is not set in stone, I can do what project I prefer." Then he told us what he did last year for the HPL and finished, as to my second path, I will tell about my HPL another time. 

The same project, I try the most to avoid, is the one he likes the most!

Two others, even if they have leadership positions, did not yet begin Pathways, "soon" but Kannan did finish as many path as me! Would you believe? The same five path finished as I did! That shows me once we begin... he prefers all the projects helping him to improve his vocal variety and storytelling skills. We had an interesting meeting, happy I decided to participate online from afar to it.

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