1 Nov 2018

Write a compelling blog at Level 4: for the 3d time

Write a compelling blog a Level 4 project. At least 8 posts in a month. And  have someone give your blog posts a feedback. Then speak 2 minutes.

Now, it changed! If you rather, you can speak for whole 5 minutes!

So much to tell about blogging and the joy that it gives me, how it fills my life. But also telling other bloggers, what my experience told me works to make a blog compelling and audience, readers come back again and again.

Thank you all! Soon 90,000 visits!

I am at the beginning of a month now, and will begin the project again, the third time. Instead of 8 it will be 30 posts. Anyone ready to read them from now on to end of November? My first reader / evaluator was Geni from Australia, (and my pal from Firebirds Collective Online club, my second Magda from New Zealand from Ablaze Online. Both did it before they ever begun Pathways as it arrived to us only a year later in May 2018. Now, I would like to find someone who already begun. At least, has a path, and problems or not continuing on it.

I will also write a Podcast, but not yet. For the moment, I let that project simmer, ripe.

My head is right now full of Pathways Story Swap meeting results: wonderful.
My time is right now full of Taking a two hour meeting or a 30 minute Pathways Topics apart, to show the answers one by one. It can be done, but I do not know a fast way. So it does take lot of time.
My thoughts are on leading my DTM Project Team and creating the Lessons Learned.

The project "Pathways Story Swap" grows and I hope will be happening in many clubs all around the world. The DTM Project itself, ask for a shorter length project so not to take too much time from the team members. But I learned with my first path, Visionary Communication, that even the Project is considered done, it can continue and continue and expand. It is one step in the direction we want to go. That is important.

This blog was begun in May 2017, as a Project. Did not stop me to continue since then. And now, finally the Comments work too, so you can comment and I get it, read it and can answer.

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