15 Nov 2018

Looking at what is half full!

It is easy to say, sometimes, it is not so easy to do. Usually, I am a half full kind of person, but lately I looked to much of what I thought it went not well, or as well as I hoped. 

I could look out of my window, and the fall is here, almost all leaves are now fallen. Some very stubbornly on the top or the bottom of the trees.

This is a picture I have taken yesterday, showing from farther, with the blue sky and the clouds, the garages that have stuff in them not cars, and all the fallen leaves.

Do I regret the leaves, the years that passed? The energy that sometimes seems down? Or do I admire the sky and the trembling leaves and try to catch some that just falling down?

I did also some other pictures, where we can see only a part of the whole. So different! 

If I look at the whole, I did a great job lately. If I look at the whole, I did what I hoped and more. Just not have to spend too much time, about what did not go as I hoped or all the things still to be done. 

Another view, more "impressionist" and for me almost showing the leaves and even the clouds moving. 

Yet another, that I will not add to this blog, only to my flickr images account, is all grey, sad. Even images, photographs are not objective! 

Of course, our lives are even less.

Today, this morning, I had Team meeting, and it gave me a lot of confidence. In my team we have Toastmasters with different experience. I just had to realize how to address each, how to ask their contribution. They know and do many things so much better then I do! And that was a great pleasure for me to realize. 

Toastmasters, Pathways, Working with a Team. I learned so much this past year, and today! My energy is going up again. And hear is a surprise for me, a video I did not know that was taken from my Pathways Presentation in the Division, Saturday morning.
Later, I stood up, and told stories forgetting my leg. It did not manifest itself, till later. 

A great Storyteller wrote "I am happy when one in the audience is touched by what I tell". After my hour, stories and presenting and workshop, at least five come to speak to me and  in different ways, told or showed they were touched. New contacts and members of audience who did need what I was telling. Each, different part. 

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