14 Nov 2018

We can open Completed Paths any time

Going to Educational Transcript and choosing first Completed then Curriculum we get only the completed paths that we can open any time. Here is how mine looks now. 
Why are they called "Curriculum" instead of Path? I always wonder why would be difficult to change names. Or, if they really wanted to use "curriculum" why they did not say it instead of "path". You can see my five completed path with their dates, plus the Pathways Guide Tasks that is also considered "curriculum" and that I also finished. They are here in order I completed them, Visionary communication at the bottom, finished first, and Dynamic Leadership, a few weeks ago: today I got finally the Certificate of Proficiency from USA. I am not sure why, but it has no date on it like the others. 

As you had seen yesterday, I have three others "en route" but only two of them new. When I go through Motivational Strategies, one project at a time, and through Team Collaboration, it still remains 3 that I did not touch. Perhaps the Strategic Relationship will be the one that will follow, I feeling as passing the other two, finishing with HPL. Even if some love that project: I do not specially. That is my opinion now, but who know, later. 

End of year? I feel tired and my energy down. Have to distance myself a little, to refill my energy. Of course, always energy and time for my blog post! If not in the morning as usual, sometime, through the day. And always something to say! 

My last news? I begin to learn to delegate! And I feel my Team is there in need!

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