13 Nov 2018

Next three Project's Tasks

Beside preparing the Pathways DTM with my team and my last speech, I got three open path at the moment, each with different tasks and at different Levels.

1. Team Collaboration Level 2 : introduction to mentoring. speech: my story as mentee 5'

I read it through again. The most important "new development" in it is the Virtual Mentor. Before, we could mentor only directly, and usually for shorter time. This project, read again opened up even more for me new vistas, but... still difficult. I was asked so many times to become Mentor, and have been not enough been Mentee inside Toastmasters.

2. Leadership Development Level3 Required : Planning and Implementing. 2' or 5' describing it

This is a task of planning then implementing a small event. Either home, a birthday party or in the club, like a anniversary or Christmas meeting. Alone or together with others. I do not want to tell "done that" as I feel that I have to do it again. Fast now, deciding if it will be a 10 year anniversary of Lewisham Toastmasters, or a funny Christmas memory line storytelling event for my Online club. I love organizing events!

3. Motivation Strategy Level 3 Required : Motivating others 

This required project with a team of 3 is very similar to the one "planning and implementing an event" but it does focus on motivating the team members so no, it can not be done alone. It also proposes some team building games: are they needed? The project itself explains very clear our different motivations. Of course, in real life, each of us are motivated by complex needs. 

Belonging - I think it is always part of it. That is why I felt so good last 10 years in TM
Appreciation - Sometimes, it bothers me, I feel it too much, but even I need it 
Recognition - and Awards are less motivating but not zero at all, a measure of growing

My problem is how to make apart this project and the project I am doing with my DTM project team. Perhaps, reading this project again and again, will help me with it, as the DTM project does suggest. 

As much as they seem very different projects, in fact they are all related! 


Marguerite said...

I love that you are so excited about your projects and that you emphasize doing an event intended for the project and not using one you have already done. Doing a new event for the project makes us think about the project requirements in a new way.

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Indeed, Marguerite Wire. That is all the pleasure and the work. Doing in different ways and learning by doing. Then reflecting, and trying to do it better.