28 Mar 2018

Adding a Level Award for Pathways is easier! But it happens in two steps.

You are one of the three Base camp managers. Want to look or someone asked you to approve a level, (and declare the award in Club Central), two different from each other. How we do it?

Login to the base camp as me Base Camp Manager. 

Open the Pending Requests tile

Is anyone asking for approving a level? You approve it from inside there, with a click.

The Level is approved and the Toastmasters who asked it can go and open the next Level projects, in any order. There is no "order" how to do the projects inside a Level. 

More work is only needed in 0.4% when someone asked for a Printed path, the VPE has to ok all the projects and send them one by one to BC, and a special letter to TMI for each Level. They get manuals Level 1 and 2, after that Level 3 and Mentoring, at the end separate Level 4 and 5 manuals : remember without any choice of electives.

All is not done. The member of your club determines when and to which club (if more then one) want to offer the award. Let us suppose the toastmaster asked. Login to TMI
I suppose all of you logged already in to the Toastmasters.org website, and if not the first time after having added your email, you can add "forgot password" then login and create a new password you want. Saving it so you do not have to do it every time. 

Any officer can then continue to Leadership Central, from there to Club Central, the first options. 

There are many great informations to be find in the Club Central!

And look! I succeeded even to add a red arrow to point to it! (Not easy...)

Opening Club Central was faster and easier! Of course, I am used to it. Same with anything else in our life! Once we done it many times, it seems "natural".
When you are officer of more then one club, you have to decide to which you enter.
Once inside there are lots of great informations you can find, things you can do. For now, choose Submit Education Awards. When time, discover all other possibilities.

It does not have to be a Base Camp Manager, (VPE President Secretary), all club officers can enter club central, even if usually it is the VPE (or the President) who submits an Education Award.

Select the NAME of whom you want to submit the award then, 
The Education Program

In our case, of course it will be a path's level, the Path and then the next level will be offered.  The level the TM did not yet got will be available.

You can see that he had enrolled in Online Presentation Mastery and the Level 1 is available to choose. That is all! Of course, we can not submit an award for ourselves.

For a Traditional awards, one has to add the Titles and Dates of 10 speeches, lot of work, for Pathways only one click! After the award given, the VPE and the Member both got a letter, congratulating the Toastmaster for her achievement.

This is what I got from BaseCamp@toastmasters.org when I finished, my Level 3 in Dynamic Leadership. Indeed, I am not on the Level 4, still have to "do" the required task "Change Management". Very interesting and well written project that I do not wish to rush! So much to ponder and think about, and also with whom do I do it? What between many changes before me will I use for this project to do, to think about after having done it and of course to speak at the end?


Anonymous said...

Great info. Tx.

Anonymous said...

Great info. Tx