6 Mar 2018

Any path that lead to it: OK

Is it still there? Pathways Tab, then choose Learn More leading to the Icebreaker. Will be still there tomorrow or next week? Not sure.

The path leading to where we can find the free Icebreaker, available for Toastmasters and Guest too, on Toastmasters International website, Toastmasters.org, varies. The Site is changing day by day, or week by week. With a little intuitively, we can find anyway where is "Break the Ice" or the new Pathways Icebreaker, and how to go to it.

First, it was visible as a menu, from Pathways Tab. Now, we have to chose first "Learn more", when we go this route. Go all the way dawn, through videos and explaining pathways under the rollout dates: there it is! Break the ICE ! Tray it out.

We can also go to Education and start from there. This picture, taken just a few days ago. I said to myself: "hurrah" this is the fastest way!

We could chose from Education the Pathways education system, look at the ten available path. Then, at Related Resources: Pathways Icebreaker! No more available today so this picture is no more valid -->

Yesterday when I tried to show it, it has changed again, and we have to go all the way down, under the Launch dates to find the Pathways Icebreaker.

Does it matter? Not too much indeed. I understand that things change during construction of it. In fact, I am happy: it means some of those things we like a little less about this wonderful new system, would change too a day!

Like the wonderful first huge change I found a while ago: when you log out of the Base camp, which is on another computer system, you get now back to Toastmasters! Here you can login again to BaseCamp, you can find a lot of important information, or logout, if you were logged in. Clean. Clear. Come back

Yes, I do love Pathways Education System, even with some of its bizarre things from time to time, for the moment. I was able to help today three very different toastmasters, or were they more? with different problems each. That is a joy!

One toastmaster Pathways Guide, asked me questions from Sweden, another Toastmaster President from Malaysia just before her meeting, the third was from Brazil, and even exchanged letters with Pathways Ambassadors from London!

And a great online meeting where I spoke about it and showed my screen: together with my window joke, 7'27 - yes, after it there were 5 minutes Q/A : is it my fault? I could answer different questions, so my speech in all took longer.
Here are the participants this noon, four of us spoke, beside me, three wonderful different speeches! It is not the number that is important, I learned again: the quality and the enjoyment. And diversity, too.

And between all of us in this picture: only of us did not yet begun Pathways! But decided to try next time the Pathways Icebreaker: try it out. Any path can lead to it: I showed on my screen one of them.

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