3 Mar 2018

Aren't many electives?

"Is it just me, or does it seem like that the paths are short, and there is less choice. For example, there aren't very many electives, and there's only 3 or so projects per level. Am I missing something?" a Toastmaster asked in the Pathways Discussion Forum.

Each path has 5 levels, let us say again. Each Level has indeed only 3 project (Level 2 only two). Not enough choice? I went back to my first path and looked again at the Electives: there are many! About 25 electives - even if we can choose a minimum of 4 only from them! 

I did complete so far three path, my first was Visionary Communication. I went back to look at it, those are the beginning of Elective projects Level 3.
What it means? I begun by the Connect with Storytelling. But I read all that have "Launch" at right. In this part, all but Deliver Social Speeches were opened, that is why it has Activate. Many other projects I saved and some even printed for next time and for reading far from the computer. 

At second part, still level 3 electives, you can see I completed Understanding Vocal Variety, in fact, loving the project so much, I did use it twice, with different material. I did open 5 others, and did not 2 of the remaining.  You have to choose 2 of the Electives at Level 3 does not mean we have only 2 choices!

Now, on to those of LEVEL 4. You have to chose a "minimum" of 1 : I did three.

And at Level 4 we indeed have even less projects : only two but all are long. They take time. My main choice was Make a Compelling Blog, this blog. 

As it is during a whole month, I also Created and Managed an Online Meeting and begun to build a Social Media Presence. And Launched, read all but one of the elective projects at this Level 4. I am curious. And it was my first path.
Arriving at level 5, I thought I will have to stay very long.

Creating a Vision and making it happen is not easy. Here are my Level 5 Electives : I have done my first ever Moderating a Panel Discussion. Loved it! and Moderated a lot more different Panels from then on. On some others, I was Panelist, as recommended.

As I wanted to know the difference between a Pathways HPL I opened that too, and also what is behind the Prepare to Speak Professionally. I did not open some others, this time. As you can see, almost 30 projects called Electives at our disposition. And even if it says "Min Required: 2 or Min Required 1" it does not mean we do not have choices or can not do if we need or wish more of them.

At any time, we can also go back to the Levels already Completed, and Activate or Launch those we did or those we did not do yet. Even from a path already finished  that is available to be reopened or our current path of course. 

On my other path I made different choices. They are still some Projects I never opened. At age 83 I will not go to an Interview again at least not a job interview, and TV interviews I already had. So some projects interest me less then others. On the other side, I loved so much some of the Projects that I begun to do them again and again.

Not only 300 posts now instead of 8 which were asked for a blog, but also many Panel discussions and online meetings, and Question and Answer sessions. 

I have given lately, also more then one long speeches, which is what Prepare to Speak Professionally is really about. But that one was also my "Required" Level 5 project in the second Path I have finished, the Presentation Mastery. 

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