2 Mar 2018

Zoom Free or Zoom Pro?

I used till today the Free Zoom, or when in a club meeting, the club's Zoom Pro also. 
First, I learned to open my Zoom to be able to use it's setting and my video backgrounds.
Then if needed, I taped the number to join. 

Behind me in a meeting, usually the green screen on my living room wall.

This background let me project all kind of interesting "digital backgrounds as if they were behind me. 

I wrote about it already. Combined with a good (one only) light at more then 2 m distance, it gives a good result.

I also wrote about my new discovery: look at a shared screen side-by-side and modify the rapport between the speaker and the slide.

Today, I did buy a PRO Zoom account. 

For the moment, even if I pay 2 pds more by month, it is month by month payment that I can stop any time. With this, I will discover features I did not know before. I hope. The first, was "recording to the cloud" to zoom. 

I tried it out with Heather, recording and Zooming, both of us have new Pro accounts. Instead of the usual two kind of recording we get in the club's Zoom Pro, I got only one. It was short, so 55 mega "only". When I transformed it, just by opening it to Quicktime movie: it suddenly was 250 mega! Then I discovered that the Zoom movie is 1000points wide and mpg4 style and the Quicktime is mov. When exporting to 470 points only, it become "only" 75 mega heavy. Still to much!

As Heather could not see the Side-by-Side feature, we discovered that she did not have the last version of Zoom on her computer. 

In plus, the Side-by-side comes for the viewer full screen as an option to view and not from the host! Here is where you have to get it "enabled". At the bottom of the "General" setting on your own zoom. 

A bit complicated, init?

But the result is beautiful! Here is an example of it.

One can slide to see more or less of the people there or only the speaker or more of the slide shown at any moment! Instead of having the speaker all small in a corner.

I do not "add" to a post usually, but here are two example from this afternoon meeting.
A meeting held from Manila, but the presenter? It seems Steve spoke from London! And bellow, is a time when I opened up the slide to see it better!

It is really convenient to slide back and worth to see better the presenter or the slide.

But all that is just the beginning. Aie, aie! Didn't I say "have the beginners eye"? I did.

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