14 Mar 2018

Pathways Ambassador District 59 TM Original Presentation

A presentation is a presentation, even more if it is a Pathways Presentation. First the Ambassador presents, then the Guide - unless they are the same person. Here is a prove that you can say the same things and show different images on the way. 

"Meetings stay the same : we learn best in a fun environment, as Smedley suggested. 
It happened at Defense where clubs from District were gathered. All the Ambassador presentation (bellow from youTube) done through mindmap, funny drawings.

Here is another one, explaining the levels. Many more in the actual presentation!

Indeed! Nothing missing from the actual presentation, yet different pictures. In my opinion some of them stick in the mind a lot better then the official ones I used.

"There is more then one way to skin the cat" the saying goes. I do not want to skin a cat and do not know how to create images like here, but I thought, you would enjoy them. Let me know, what you think of this, very original presentation.

I went to it hoping it will be in French, but no, the originality did not go so far... even I am sure, at some clubs, the presentation was done in French. Defense is like "Canary Wharf" in London, lots of international companies there, innovation, expo's etc. 

I did not know this morning, I will write about this but can't stop myself to offer it here to all of you. Most of you have held, heard by now at least one Pathways Presentations, so you can enjoy, I am sure.

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