21 Mar 2018

Ends and Beginnings

It is a beginning for us, all from Region 11 and Region 1 : we are now all in the Pathways zone, finally.

I have waited years for this!

At the same time, many things will end, even if not suddenly. Soon, the Guides club visits finish, 90% finished in our district already. As Ambassador, I will try to visit later, when I feel I am most needed. 

Even if the Traditional Education program will last, parallel two more years, some veterans feel as the world as they know ended for them. 

Some rushed yesterday, to select a path, and even programmed their Icebreaker. Tried out the Base camp and their first projects. Most got in well, some had problems.

"I do not see my projects" Elisabeth called me: she went in as Base camp manager instead as a member. Indeed, nowhere was told, you get in either as one or the other. 

But once she get in, here she is with a huge smile on her face and a special Teeshirt.

I want a similar one! Love the tee-shirt she imagined and ordered! And of course, her happy smile "Yes, it is here now!.

I met her only online, admired the enthusiasm she puts in preparing and delivering each and every speech.
At the morning, someone discovered - the first guide I was out in a club end January already, that the gates opened, we all rushed in. Some with a lot of luck, other had first a crash problem: all was not open yet.

The languages got added by early afternoon. Here are now all available for now.
Deutsch German and Spanish and Portuguese and... others. Of course, French too.

The Manuals are translated, the videos spoken in those languages, but the outside did not change, remains the same for the moment. With time... 

Then the "new" begun and with it different questions. One or two of Toastmasters rushed through the Icebreaker and answered the Self Assessment After questions and found herself with a finished project when she was still starting. "No one told me not to answer that!" Well yes, it is written in the beginning but in the Check Project. Where the information is, it is very important! 

TMI letter contained a new 1 2 3 go for it! 

Instead asking go to check the configuration as before, now it is clearly "Disable your pop-up blockers. After you have chosen your path, but before you enter Base Camp. Of course, all the projects are on popups and from popup we have other pop-ups too.

Different questions will come, after having chosen a path and entered Base camp and begun a project. The answers are all there in Tutorials, but the tutorials do not pop up when we need them alas. We have to go and discover them. 

So indeed a new period arrives with new problems and new questions. And new joys.

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