17 Mar 2018

Expect the unexpected, again and again

I have given now one after other 3 pre-launch presentations in my district. Two were about using zoom, for Virtual Support Sessions. "VTT" as the Pathways Guides call it. I did record only one of it, but all were useful for those who come, and happy about what they learned, the information showed and demonstrated.
How to show a slide and the speaker about half half or slide it to show more of one of the parts, side-by-side through Zoom was one feature many loved. But also the virtual background, green screen about which I have already written posts in this blog.

Here is the Zoom about Zoom video presentation and discussion from Thursday, repeated differently Friday again with others. My partner Samir Malak come all the way from North Carolina to help me with my London presentation!

Saturday morning, I woke up and created a second presentation about Base camp and the first steps we can take. Then, once the presentation was over, I have taken all to my base camp. What is interesting, many did not realize that once on Level 3 we have access to ALL the Elective projects, not only to the minimum two we chose! 

After a whole hour presentation, I may say well done, one hick: I forgot to click in zoom on Record! So angry at myself. Only in the mind of those who came, it does remain. And there was so much information... But I think, all will retain what was new to them, something important now for them. That IS the most important. And in plus, I was told, it was very well structured!

Here is a message I did receive almost as soon as I finished. I do like small snippets telling me I helped to understand an aspect of Pathways.

Indeed, once in a Path, we can access not only all the required projects plus all those we do chose - the minimum, but all the other projects "electives" that we did not choose this time. We can Activate them, Launch them, Read them. In plus it is up to us if we want them saved also in our computer or printed or both. 

Once can see only the minimum or take time, read study delight in many of them!

I also talked today about the importance of spending time with the tutorials, and looking at the videos and reading descriptions and enjoying the online Navigator animations. 

After the spring this morning it begun to snow again: all outside is covered again in white! Expect the unexpected will be the theme of my next path. Embrace what comes, use it! Embrace the unexpected will be in all my stories and, at the same time the importance of pictures. This is at least how I will begin, then, well expect the unexpected even there. It is 17 March: it did begin to snow this morning!

I have begun taking pictures about fifteen years ago and took and took and took, I do have lots I can share, and some really tell a story by themselves. Others, do when I add a few words to them. 

Here are two pictures, only from my window taken this morning. 

The cars are again covered with snow, and the ground too. 
The tree is in blossom, it was for more then ten days now. I am sure, those flowers did not expect to get snow! Even if it will last only as it seems for the weekend and get warmer again by Monday. Good days will arrive, together with the Pathways to our clubs!

The spring will be back by then. And I would have forgotten my stupidity to forget recording a good presentation.

So many things will happen next week!

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Ruchika Airon said...

Lovely Pics Julie and great theme..expect the unexpected :)