29 Mar 2018

My last post worked! Now Effective Coaching Proficient

This is from the Base camp, Digital Badges from my Profile. In "real" they are not near each other I did work with photoshop editor to bring them together. In "real", between them are the different levels, and path activations where level 1 is not yet done.

The Effective Coaching is now between my official Awards on TMI in my profile, as the Visionary Communication and Presentation Mastery were last year. The Leadership Development will be given to one of my Online Clubs, where I have done most. 

Here are my last three awards this year, attributed to three different of my clubs. Adieu DTM Masters and Yakina Toastmasters! Alas, we could not hear each other well. But they opened the door to me and I did offer then points, many more then seen here.
Last time my profile looks like this the 1st April it will change. 7 clubs? Too much!
Inside my base camp, now the Effective Coaching can be found between Completed.

Those are in inverse order, the first one at the bottom and the last one in the top.

Visionary Communication was the discovery of Pathways, Levels and Projects. The work of a Pioneer: so much to understand and learn.

I also learned to make best from I can achieve, and see the glass half full. Still continuing my vision: help Pathways Transition as much as I possible by me. And with great teams and great Toastmasters!

Presentation Mastery did also teach me some skills, became more inspirational, but also to avoid Printed Material that stops choice.

Leadership Development, will remain my preferred path : the joy of telling personal stories in parallel and getting to create an international storytelling festival with teams, was great. I will dedicate it, offer it to Witty Storytellers Online club who contributed to it so much with Paul White.

Effective Coaching is my way of thanking the District 91 naming me beside Ambassador, also Chief Pathways Guide, and the Lewisham Speakers club where I joined in 2009 and who let me give Pathways speeches even before our rollout. 

Two more path, one at level 4 Dynamic Leadership, and one at the very beginning, Motivational Strategies. This last I will dedicate to my photography and how from failing in a thing we can find something wonderful different, unexpected. Try to go slow, by doing all the Electives, at least at Level 3 and 4 and many at 5! There are 37 projects in the path. And my last, a French path : again Leadership Development. 

Between my active projects is now also the Guide "path" lots of project in it, to Activate, to read and understand, to save and do. Our second Meeting was yesterday. It did give us help and possibility to tell what worked and ask questions. My journey that begun a year ago continues.

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