26 Mar 2018

Kenya Toastmasters and Lessons of life.

I begun today to study seriously by all means all I could find on the Kenya clubs I have to present to Pathways in April.

A bit concerned after yesterday late evening presenting to Haiti, but even if I did not hear them, they did hear my presentation and seen my screen sharing. I asked them to raise their hand if they did: all raised their hands! I loved that there are means to communicate through Zoom, even when the bilateral communication is not so good. 

Today, I was reassured. Not all clubs have this kind of problems. We will see... Above, is members of Thika Toastmasters listening to a great and funny presentation, I added it for the moment on my facebook page and to the Witty Storytellers Online group in Facebook too. After 5 minutes the great speaker finally tells the secret of a good beginning: tell a personal story! Hold in a hotel, it had wonderful facilities for presentation and recording.

Bellow, is another club, holding a contest at Kwenza Kenya Toastmasters, for Video Recorded International Speech. Wangu Kamundia tells a personal story to get her point across! This club is, I believe, the oldest one in Kenya with a lots of experience! 
Bellow a video: Speaking at Kwenza Kenya about Lessons of life.

Another club seem no more existent, we will see if it is not a mistake. But two from three already, a good sign, in plus I found out they meet each other.
If they can host each other, they could gather also for a presentation, to see it better. 
Another time, they met even more of them! 
I am impressed with the number of clubs and their activities in Kenya! 

I found the Facebook page of my only French club I have to visit, and it did have a great photo (alas old). When I looked at new ones, very different. And looking them up at TMI it has conflicting information. How can a newly chartered (renewed???) club has a need of 20 members, as no one paid and no award was earned? And two different addresses, one in a college the new one on a street address. 
I wonder, what happened to all those wonderful girls, and the few boys figuring in this? 

In all, it was a fruitful morning, listening to youTube videos, looking up awards and data. It did reinforce my feeling, I had seen already in 2011 at my first TMI Conference, of how International Toastmaster is indeed!

To culminate all this work, and after I got out to walk and talk and take spring flowers photos with my great daughter, I answered a letter of a worried Toastmaster. She got the same problems I had a year ago. I hope, my letter explained to her what she can do, and if not, I will return and do this time (online or in the club) a practical demo. 

Remember? I do have a post about how to finish a project and how not to believe in the last page! And how to configure the browser so it opens a new tab for a link? It seems small things but they can give beginners a lot of frustrations!

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