4 Mar 2018

Walking the walk: my paths

I do write and speak a lot about Pathways. 
I do also "walk the walk" and work on it. 

As I am for the moment member of seven clubs, not for long now, that is really too much, even for me alone home, and also to pay for them twice a year, I was able to advance fast. I am going now slower but with steady steps forward. 

In one year time, visiting not only my own clubs but others un-chartered or friend's clubs to speak and take roles, I finished three.

Here are my completed paths. From them, two are already on Club Central, Visionary Communication and Presentation Mastery, both begun a year ago. 

As you see, between them is also Leadership Development. I will let my London Club claim it, offer them an Education Award end March after our launch. I believe it will be also the first finished path in my district.

If I would have put "by date" instead of "by title" they would show in inverse order. Anyway, the date I finished them in BaseCamp, are under them. September, November, December. 

Visionary communication is all about Change and Transition: Pathways Transition for me. 
Presentation Mastery was a bumpy ride, with Printed Manual then back to Web Path.
Leadership Development the special one, towards creating a great event, was all about Storytelling and the importance of personal stories, showing how much we can indeed, personalize our path toward what we need, gave it a slant it does not have in itself. 

Currently in my "Education Transcript" and I still find a curious name, why "transcript"? are four other paths and the Distinguished Toastmaster Project, that you get at end of two finished path. That one is "ongoing."

Effective Coaching begun a year ago, still not finished. HPL was long, and I did not yet finish the Moderating a Panel either. 

Dynamic Leadership, I finally got through Level 3 and Negotiating the best outcome speech was given last week online. I begun now Level 4 and found that it has an even better, interesting Project about Change!
Motivational Strategies also ends with an Event, a "team building" one, that is why I choose it. Just finished the Icebreaker, I am all in the beginning of it. Love beginnings!

As to the French Path, it is the last one, and I have yet to find a club to tell in French. Comparing English and French Icebreaker, already told me to read with more attention!

So you can see I indeed not only "talk the talk but also walk the walk" and take all my projects and paths very seriously. 

From my childhood I always loved to read and study, I am continuing on the same trail.

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