7 Mar 2018

Which Paths were begun? Finished?

Statistics of Toastmasters Pathways Awards and those who completed a path, 2017/2018 Toastmasters year from Matthew who extracted them from the TMI awards page.

% of all
Level 5s
Presentation Mastery
(18 %)
Visionary Communication
(9 %)
Dynamic Leadership
(15 %)
Leadership Development
(7 %)
Effective Coaching
(13 %)
Innovative Planning
(17 %)
Motivational Strategies
(8 %)

Here, I sorted them by those who completed their path. If you look at Total awards, the Innovative Planning would jump to the Second position and the Visionary Communication go lower. The other paths, are lower then 7%  of total, I did not show them here.

It is not a surprise to see the Presentation Mastery with 17 who completed it: shorter time needed to get the level 5 then the others. Specially, if you are already a veteran speaker, speaking at least 20 minutes is easy. Visionary Communication was the second one many of us took as path, and 9 finished so far. My first. It is up to us when we finish, when we feel we got at least part of our vision completed. 

Dynamic Leadership and Leadership Development has six Toastmasters who finished and got award for it. I could be the 7th one in Leadership Development, and BaseCamp recognize I finished, but I did not declare the award yet in Club Central. Leadership Development was so far one of my favorite path, leading to a great event and done by choice with a slant toward storytelling. 

I also love and recommend the Dynamic Leadership, it does have great projects! I have still a way to go in this path. In fact, both Motivational Strategies as the Leadership Development, finish with an Event, but the MS emphasis is on "Team building Event" and the Leadership Development in planning and organizing and implementing it.

Effective Coaching was chosen by many as was Innovative Planning, but only 5 have finished it so far: HPL takes time. I am still on level 5 and will finish it, eventually. So, for me, when it comes to the next path, not yet, not yet! it will be probably be the path of Team Collaboration, forming and leading a team in any situation

In fact, all path are interesting, and the time it takes to go through them is not important. What we do learn from them is. 
Features article this month from TM Magazine:
I feel alive with Pathways Projects and telling stories after each project
Looking at a discussion about how we see our path and what we learned from it, it stunned me how each of us looks at them with a such different view! 

When I was teenager, and my mother gave me some money to buy a sweet centre town, I usually went to the bookshop near it and come home with a book. Today also, I do spend without thinking too much of the price, on books "only this one in plus"! Never regret having one more of it, and it is the same with a path. 

Easy to use the same pants or skirts or shoes, year after year, others spend on that. I do love to nourish my intellect and continue to be an avid reader. In the case of path, it is not only reading but I can try out, act, do, then tell of my experience. I feel alive! My age makes not more difference, when I can create and tell a story online or in my brick-and-mortar club. Sometimes, the idea comes all ready, but most of the time, the slightly imposed subjects help the sparkle.

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