25 Mar 2018

Pathways Proficient

Instead of telling now that I have become:

Visionary Communication Proficient
Presentation Mastery Proficient
Leadership Development Proficient
Effective Coaching Proficient

I call now myself "Pathways Proficient"

And from now on, I decided to Slow down, Savor, Smell the roses on the way.

Will I have the time?

Well, I can go slow and taste all the available projects on my next Paths. But I will be very busy anyway as Guide and Ambassador for the Undistricted Clubs that I was given. One of them is French and I am preparing with joy, and lots of work, for that too.
VC was the first begun and finished. PM the second. LD took less time and was a joy! EC the longest but I learned to see the glass full with the Positive Thinking Project! With each path I got a different wisdom and each had it's own problems.

My Vision was huge and not possible to obtain as I imagined first, because it did not depend on me. I did learn to level it to my own possible things I can do and I am doing it still now. Helping the Transition to Pathways as much and every way I can. VC is about Change, how to spread it, how to plan it and discover your vision. 

As for PM I have the Printed that I put in Archive as I stopped after Level 2 and went to buy the web based: I am between those 0.4% who did not know better. Then I did buy a printer. I learned to be more Persuasive and give Inspirational speeches, speaking on how much I learned from the bad choices I made, when as Pathways Naive, a year ago. PM is very much needed in all the presentation we make, but has little "in plus" then other path: they all contain the same projects.

LD was all about the importance of personal storytelling! Which is my first big vision and will also remain with me. Begun in a courtyard in Normandy, finished in an international story swap festival, done in parallel with Paul E White, a joyous path. Creating special events, from small to bigger is the what we learn with Leadership Development which does not have it in it's name.

EC took a year because I put it on a back burner for long. Took it out from time to time, and had to wait here and there, mostly because I needed someone to coach now, not wanted to use old coaching, then because I waited for the right time to Moderate a Panel that Base Camp believed I have already done it. Indeed, alas you can not undo a completed project, but you can again, alas, finish it without answering the Assessment Before... questions. I learned a lot again, and so no regrets: all those can be told so others do not fall in potholes and dirty their legs, as I did. Coaching is different from Mentoring, as it is with a specific goal and a finite time. I prefer it so.

There is no glory to finish four path, only a lot of hard work. Of course, on the path there is also joy of skills learned or skills practiced and become better. Knowledge that begun from "I did not know I did not know" to "Now, I understand how much I do not know" to "I know... let me practice and try it" to "doing it without even thinking". 

I do hope, I will be now able to apply what I learned to spread the word about Pathways to other clubs and other worlds. A new exciting work begins now!

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