22 Mar 2018

Enter Base Camp like...

After 8 month, I am Base Camp Manager again. As Secretary, as I was last time too. As you can see, I can enter the Base Camp now and choose my club. When I choose Lewisham Speakers: here I am! 

Able to Log in either like Base Camp Manager, or Log in like Member. 
Attention! When you enter as Base Camp Manager, you can not access your path!

We do enter like Base Camp Managers to approve a web based Level finished by a club member or see how many have enrolled and on which path and level they are. The text in the top wanted to say probably, that there are other ways to access "my path" for example, directly from my name when I am logged in. Indeed. But it does confuse some. Just remember, when you enter Base Camp as BCM you can not at the same time access your path. One has to go out of the Base Camp as Base camp manager, then enter and Log in as a Member, to access one's paths, and projects.

Last summer, I become Secretary only to discover how Base Camp Manager role, and Level approval works, but then we had all to quit that club where I did it. All of us who where remote access members. But I become Secretary of my home club in July waiting for this moment: to be again Base Camp Manager. This time, I count to do my job very seriously and help the VPE with his task. 

So happy, that Pathways arrived finally to us!

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Elizabeth Jordan said...

Like you, I am delighted that Pathways has arrived in our region. Your blog is a constant source of knowledge. Thank you.