8 Mar 2018

Pathways, "Blended learning" arrives soon here!

Blended learning? Alone & together; online & offline...
Yesterday, meeting in my "brick-and-morter club, Lewisham Speakers, where I was from the time before it chartered, January 2009 in many position since then.

Now, I am Secretary: base camp manager soon, and helping with Pathways penetration. Next meeting will be one day after Pathways launches in London, England, Europe... and the whole Region 11 and 1 too. For me as Pathways Ambassador, all clubs I visited are important, but "my" base club specially.

I came home happy. The President, three relatively new members and even a guest, all told me at the end: "I am waiting for Pathways day to arrive and discover it!"

At the beginning of our meeting we have a Warmup: all stand up, give our names and all answer the same question. This time, the question was "What book recently read you recommend me?" I was not so sure to tell the truth: I really enjoy now More than Blended Learning I have almost finished through Kindle, (see also another Post about it) but now ordered as a book format also. Finally, that is the book I recommended in the warmup. And later, I was so happy I did it!

One of our guest, come to me in the break and told me "I work for a company that does Blended Learning!" So interesting, I answered him, tell me more about it! I also explained that I was interested when I realised that Pathways was a Blended Learning System too, and how much work got into creating it and deciding every small detail of the learning experience we have with it. 

At the end of the meeting, I told him "come and tell us more about your experience!" and indeed, he could teach us, explain it in detail, and when begun pathways even point out how it does apply to what they are doing in his company! We meet so many interesting people in Toastmasters: we just have to open up to each other and take time to get to know each other. Was it not a "seredinipity"? To find someone knowledgeable about the new blended learnings just now, just when I am so interested, just now as Pathways launches. Here, now in less then two weeks!
We all got already this letter from the TMI: Pathways is Coming in Your Club Soon!

And asking to login to the toastmasters.org on the web, to learn more. 

My question is now: what can and should do now, as Secretary? What can and should I do as Pathways Ambassador? As Chief Pathways Guide of my District? How to separate them? 

As the most experienced in Pathways, in my club, I want to do so much! At the same time, I do understand: do it without stepping on anyone's shoes. I am "only" a Secretary.

As Pathways Ambassador, I am there for all members, not like the Pathways Guide there more for the VPE and BCMs. A delicate balance and politics, not easy for me. When I am passionate I go usually all flame ahead. 

I came home yesterday happy from the meeting, met a lot of great new people, connected again with my fellow members, listened to great presentations from members and guests. Then, early morning, before 6 am! Up for my other "base club" online: The Witty Storytellers had a wonderful contest with SIX contestants surpassing themselves all and telling wonderful Personal Stories, inspirational stories. A joy to listen to all of them! 

Pathways arrives only in May to the Online Toastmasters community, but all our Contestants, as 85% of the members, where already "in pathways" : more then dual members of different clubs. All of them doing their best, as our Contest Chair and President too, for making Pathways more widely known, and helping with it. All had understood also the importance to get personal in any inspirational story.

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