10 Mar 2018

So much more then only the Educational Transcript!

When I go to Basecamp, and it was true for almost a year now, I rush to the "Educational Transcript" where are my Paths and to one of them in particular I am working on "now". 

By doing this I missed so much so often! There are a lot more there to discover! To enjoy. To learn from.
My main problem was the hovering menu, that got me distracted too many times. When it happens, we try to avoid to fall into the pothole again. So? Now that I know that I can not go "Home" by clicking in the red line on the white "home" but have to put be there and then go slightly down and click on the Home on the white background, I use it a lot more! It does take me "back" and lets me travel from one Path to the other, without having to go "out"! Yuppy! 

Check Compatibility is the first one we all have to do. And some of the parts of Pathways, most of it does not work when the Popup Blocker is not stopped. IMPORTANT!
I did, from the beginning and still, my ipad ask me again and again, Allow Popup? YES!

I did install Java and Flash, and JavaScript, but the program works without them on some pal's computer: perhaps they have it in their browser anyway? It is good that this settings check gives us all the indications we need and even how to fix it! Of course, once checked, we do not have to visit it again unless the system we use changes radically.

On the contrary, the option in the middle is a constant delight nowadays to me.
We determine the language then we have so much to discover, to look, to use - and even enjoy. We can arrive to a tutorial by search also or by browsing this different titles. The last three options lead us, again, to the Navigator, to the FAQ and to the Base Camp Glossary. It is good at the beginning to understand how Base Camp calls things. 

We can access through it also to the Project Descriptions. To the Evaluation Resources. All of those available also from other part of the Basecamp. But then, here are the Tutorials!
Get to know Base Camp before even plunging into a path, the level and a project. There are four squares, here only three entered in a row, the forth will come later. 

Explore my profile. And all we can do from there! Good to know and to understand. 
Work with my projects and Completing my assignments. If I had only read them before! All the titles under the squares are each one a video or a text we have to launch, look, file away when we finished with them. All answer to questions we pose ourselves while working within the "Education Transcript" but do not "come" when we need them. We do have to discover them from the Tutorials and Resources Tab (yes, again go under it). 

From all of them, the one's that would have been the most helpful for me, a year ago. Complete a Project then Complete a Level.

Were there already available or added since?

I do not know. But I did not understand then, a year ago, how to finish a Project nor how to tell Basecamp that I did complete a level.

Now, it seems "easy" : but someone had to come and show me!

So, I urge all of you when you will be finally in, take some time, it will be time gained, not time lost!

So much we have to do is explained! and so well and clear from here. If you do all of it, you will not have to ask in a discussion forum questions for which the answers are all available, and when someone explains it to you, you will not have to write them: "It has to be verified" 

Of course, for all this, you have to be already in Pathways zone, or a guide, who have access it seems to the Tutorials before even being able to touch a path. Not so long to go! In only ten days, all Toastmasters in Region 11 and 1 will receive a letter that Pathways did arrive to them, finally. 

Go, yes, explore the Navigator, yes, do the Assessment to choose your first path, many of us did write about already how to prepare for it. Check the configuration. 

All of those I do understand! But do not neglect to discover the Ali baba cave with all this Tutorials and other very useful informations. And, from time to time, come back again to them. Enjoy them, use what your learned and show to others.

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