20 Mar 2018

After a year, Pathways Arrived to me!

For a whole year I had to go out and away far to have access to Pathways. I did. Finished three path and got far in others. 

This morning, we discovered: pathways arrived in our District!!!!!!!! 

In February, I worked with Karen Ince Pathways Guide : now she could also choose her first path. Very eager, this morning, she was the one discovering: we can go in earlier then expected.

Bellow is how my pathways clubs before today. My three Remote access clubs.

As I am Secretary in my base club in London; was from July last year, now I am suddenly also again Base Camp Manager. I am so happy! 
Two whole regions are launched today, Region 11 and Region 1. The "gates" opened early not at 7 am Pacific time but earlier! Must have been very late in night for all those at TM HQ working to open Pathways for all of us!

I am happy to participate in the excitement, one by one discovering and voicing their joy on my district facebook page. Already send email to the clubs for which I am Pathways Ambassador that they can begin, even before getting the letters (late at night here in London and even later in some other parts of the region). 

And then, of course, a whole new part of our job will begin, helping all those who got on, answering to their questions, and getting others from the clubs as excited as us.

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Donovan Grant said...

Well done Julie. I know you have made an epic effort to help get Pathways live. I look forward to joining your excitement and beginning my new path. Thanks a lot!