12 Mar 2018

As Easy as 1 2 3

I got a Pathways Flyer: 
Preparing for Pathways is as easy as 1 2 3

Is it? 

Well, it is not difficult to login!
If you login with your email TMI knows.
If you forgot your password, you can change it. If you never have it, you can tell "forgot" and again, you can establish one. And hopefully, tell your computer, to remember it from now on in your place.

Where one looks for the system requirements - before in Base Camp? That is not on the flyer I got. But you know what? I love this flyer above: Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

I hope, all your roads and paths will be easy as 1 2 3 but if not, if it is like my life, indeed! Whenever I was rock bottom and, finally got out of it, my destiny and my will lead me to some beautiful, and often unexpected destination. 

I fall down home and break a leg: I was in cast when I discovered my first Online Toastmasters club! Such a beautiful name: Netizens. Then I prepared a story to tell and one of the club's officer decided to close the club for two month. It is then when I heard that a new club is forming that will meet next week: Carole, the VPE told me "you can give your speech in Firebirds. From club to club, I went still Online, while I could not move yet. Even the first meeting as Division Governor with the Area Governors and their assistants was held in my living room. 

A year later, both clubs chartered: I become charter member of Firebirds Collective, and six month later, a group of us formed the first Speciality club : Witty Storytellers Online. By that time, I got lots of 100% online club pals! We did not leave Firebirds, most of us stayed in more then one club's and then a year later, Global Trainers Online was formed, by WSO president. I got in it too.

Last week I paid for the 3 online clubs. 
I love each of them for different reasons. I went to all three last week. In Firebirds Collective, I was Test Speaker. I told a story of discovering the joy of team work as Ambassador with Guides. 

So many familiar faces!

We had speech contest at Witty Storytellers Online, and I was not a contestant. Still, I got a beautiful "award" : I just discovered it today! Who does not enjoy to get an award? Thanks, Michelle! I suppose, for my general Storytelling activity.

In Global Trainers Online, I offered a tech tip about Zoom, followed by Questions and Answers. I was doubtful at the beginning if i did belong, but yes! I am also a "trainer". Most important, each time I learn a lot from the "real" trainers with lots of experience.

Last week I also went to my 4th club that is not online but nearby: Lewisham Speakers. I was asked to Evaluate an Icebreaker. I am happy to let you know that I did ok. While he read and I did not understand more then a few words, I realized his beautiful vocal variety, the pauses and the facial expressions where great so I could encourage him. Only later, one to one, I suggested he does not try to learn word by word but remember, moment by moment, adding "You finished! I have never got more then 3/4 to my Icebreaker" : I run out of time. We had a great discussion, helping him for the next time. In just a week, Pathways arrives to this club!
Next meeting, the 21th, at the Area contest held on our place, we will be in: I'll be able to help if anyone feels that beginning is not always as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 and they got some questions. 

Spring is arriving together with Pathways in Europe, and yes, London is still "in" Europe. All around the snow melted and the flowers even if some more timid then others, open.

I did not go out this week: it was busy enough inside! But wonderful news for me, and for you who read me.

The news will be here, tomorrow. 

Tomorrow, I will also go out and take some new pictures. Begin a new, very full spring.

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