5 Mar 2018

We need more Early Adapters

Where are you on this curve? I would have liked, but was never really an "innovator" even if sometimes, I do have some "creative ideas". I am an Early Adapter. We need more early Adapters, looking forward and not back. Become GREEN ! Finish Level 1. Go on.

This morning, I read an article, how could you "use the Competent Communicator manual projects" for the Level 1 to Level 3 speeches. Really? Who needs them? Indeed, compare those who were proposed, and you'll soon find out when reading both, not only hearing about it or looking at the title, how much more Pathways holds your hand. Helps you. 

I got the new icebreaker to someone who did not yet forget her firsts! She told me "this outline helps really"'. Someone other "yes, looking back moment by moment, after my speech! I loved it. Giving feedback to myself". As for me? Reading, listening to the Voice Variety project, made me finally understand lots of terms I did not before, and experiment joyfully with my tone and pace, and yes, I have given already twice the speech (reading from a book, after listening to the writer reading it), and reading poetry. 

Yes, we CAN or Could do "CC speeches" instead of Pathways speeches: I ask you why? To satisfy those trying to hold back without looking forward? Will it help? I doubt.

We have to be more of us Early Adopters, then the Majority will follow, and respect but not give too much time, in my opinion to "Laggards" or those who oppose the new, as long as they can will arguments they find and yes, memories that linger. 

It is not that the old, the "now still in many places" was not good, it is that the new is better. It made me realize so many new things this last year! 

I will speak about some of the things I discovered and some ways I changed next.

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