9 Mar 2018

Mastering Fundamentals Level 1 of any Path

This is the beginning of the page created by Mark Snow, who so far completed 5 paths! The rest of the page explains what happens after, as the Base camp manager receives the request, approves it. And them a committee member of the club you attribute the level adds it to the Club Central at the appropriate path's next level. In this case, first level.

As we approach day by day to the 20th March, the big Launch day in Region 11 (London is in it) and Region 1, for a few days, my focus in the blogposts will be at the beginnings. Helping find our ways through basecamp and understanding the "bases". 

Not "all about level 1" here but a very clear image of what it contains. Remember: the Level 1 is the same for any path and the Icebreaker the first speech. Even if it is called number 2 and number 3, inside a Level we can take and deliver the projects in any order. True, only for one of my path did I begin with Research and presenting, before the Evaluation and feedback trio tasks. 

Inside a level, from now on, till the last project of last level, the order we do the projects is up to us. Only 2 projects are "must" begin and "must" finish, in their Level: first, last.

I will add to what is in the image above, "Deliver a speech of any style" on any topic, 5-7. As you can go and deliver from lower levels any time, - even if no plus points added - here is the occasion to deliver any time any speech you need. Could it be more flexible? 

Well, it is up to us to ask for more time, if we really need it, and the VPE and the club to approve longer speech "any time" or just for very special occasions. Of course, there are longer speeches along the way too, but not many, as TMI considers our club meetings in which we have to offer space for all. 

Another important observation. It is suggested to repeat the previous speech (even if you can incorporate suggestions in another) and that lets us from the get go used to professional speech patterns. More we repeat the same speech, more it is improved and shines. "In the same club?" some asked. I have listened to improved speeches and delighted in them. I begun to get used to repeat a Project speech, at least twice, often. And, of course, when we perform, for example, standup comedy, well 77 times. It is never exactly the same, but not much changes from one to other, it is on the long that improves, trying this and that, adding this and that, letting go of our dear parts that do not work as we hoped.

The Research project is in the Fundamentals also, to teach us from the beginning to reach out and learn more, go beyond the path's projects and teachings, go beyond for knowledge and inspiration. In many projects from then on, "research more" is suggested. Indeed, by now, I use the Google "normally" almost as much as my grand-children, who I would say begun it from cradle almost. Whenever I asked them a question, in their school years, they opened their laptop and looked it up to show me the answer. Now, it is their grandmother turn to do the same.

Of course, BEFORE we begin our Level 1 projects, there are other things we should rather do. Check the Compatibility, for example. Also to look at Tutorials - so many available! They explain, how to close a Project, a Level and a lot more. I will go in more detail about them tomorrow, for the moment only one suggestion. Or even to go Home!

These three tabs:

Home, Tutorials and Resources, and Check Compatibility 

can NOT be accessed as I believed, and perhaps even you would think, just by clicking on them! Strange! You have to HOWER on the title. Under it to discover the same title in gray. Then only can we go down to the grey title and  click on it. 

Be aware: this is true now. Possible, and I do hope, sometimes in this year, could be changed, improved. I am looking for that time, but do not hold my breath. For the moment, all human resources in pathways are busy to help the launch in more regions.

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