23 Mar 2018

Pathways Guides4U ? A new task for me

What this has to do with me?

Till beginning of March I was Pathways Ambassador and wrote here about it. Went to 9 clubs and two officer trainings to deliver presentations about Pathways. Plus, I wrote, day by day this blog. Answered many questions, hold and participated to Panels about it.

I am in three clubs that are Online: VP Education in Witty Storytellers Online, SgArm in Global Trainers Online, and Charter Member without official function in Firebirds Collective. A club coach remote access to yet another and helping and visiting two others. I do love Online: all from home! Even if I go twice a month also in my base club in London.

The 100% Online clubs were added to District U where U means Undistricted. Not having a district to arrange for Guides and Ambassadors, the un-districted clubs are spread all over the world. They were supposed to roll out one of the lasts, in May, but how?

George Marshall: In 2018, and a few of us who were active in online clubs got the idea to train those undistricted clubs via remote meeting technology, working with members who were already experienced Pathways Guides. We presented the idea to WHQ senior staff, and the program was approved. The project is big: over 150 clubs in over 40 countries are to be trained. Assignments of guides to clubs had to be based, not so much on location, as meeting time and language spoken.  

Carole, from Online Alliance with George, Mark and Michelle dared to offer a solution. The four Steering Committee then begun Head Hunting between the Online Clubs those who where already Guides or knew well the Pathways Program, like me and were ready to get to spread it to places where not many go. Imagine what work to find not only those ready and able to go out but also about all those clubs and countries!

End February, we filled out questionnaires, and a few weeks later, we got the answer. I was "head hunted!" My huge surprise come a day, when I logged in my Base Camp and found suddenly this: 

Access Base Camp as Pathways Guide!

I could Log in as Pathways Guide! It is now like an option of choosing between my clubs.

Unlike the Base Camp Manager, in my case - at least for online Guides for district U, it is not exclussive. My projects and the Guide projects are together. I do not have to log out to come back and find either.

I am finishing after a year Effective Coaching, very soon, as Thursday I offered a Panel finally, and then wrote "Reflect on your path". My Dynamic Leadership path is waiting for me at the Project Change, and I do not want to rush it. The other two are at beginning of level 1, just completed the Icebreaker in them.
The other two path are new and at beginning of Level 1, just completed the Icebreaker in them. One of the two is in French.

Here were my tasks. I did read the Navigator, but of course the one animated is even better: I do have them now in English and in French too. I begun to look at many Resources and read the Guide Handbook. For the online guides there is a special page.

Then, I arrived here!

Pathways 4 U: Online Workshops through Zoom the 22 March. Yesterday, I did have the welcome workshop for Guides and today I looked at the orientation nr 1 recording which was similar but a bit different. 

What a joy! What a pleasure! 

Mostly known faces, well organized meeting and a new, improved deck! 

We all come out of the meetings very happy and ready to go and work. Also admiring all the preparation that the four in the steering committee put into it. We all fell that we will be very well helped and supported and encouraged to "think outside the box". Whatever needs to be done to prepare the clubs allocated to us to be ready for the launch of pathways the 15 May. Along with helping my 9 clubs in my district, I have now a new task too and I feel very confident to work with those wonderful Toastmasters.

A new adventure awaits me!

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