15 Mar 2018

We launch the 20th March

It arrived at midnight. How did I wake up that then to see it at the Region 11 Facebook page? Our district in in the 5 fastest to visit and get a date. % of visited clubs. We are well above that now. And we continue. Well done to us, well done all!
Thanks to Morag Mathieson! Regional 11 Advisor for posting this

For the Guides of the district, it is the Virtual Support Session. The name signify that the support of VPE and club officers is done through an online platform. 

Many will use Zoom, free for 40 minutes in our district, and I have the charge to show what it can do, again, to the Pathways Guides. Tonight and tomorrow night. 

Yesterday, I prepared the slides, today I will put them together in a Keynote presentation. The slides will show what I tell, and I hope I will be able to make all who come TRY it, not only listen. 

We retain much better and more when we experience! 

Could I tell you that I was not panicked when I first realized how many workshops I'll have to offer in the next two weeks? Alas, no. I am only human. Lucky, it did last only a few hours, then I took a notebook and wrote out what I could tell. A bit later, went to chase the images and added a few that were not available yet. Even best, I then found a few stories and anecdotes to add while showing. Facts fly away, stories stick help to remember. As does trying it out, showing to others.

Some things come easy others I had to learn by fail and recover first. Guess, which I remember better? The ones where I had to overcome something! 

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