21 Dec 2018

DTM plaque arrived!

My Pathways DTM plaque just arrived! Dated, 23 November. Golden, shiny, beautiful!

My Pathways journey begun the 25 March. 20 month. All my work inside those very busy month. I feel, I am allowed to be happy, to celebrate it, to tell! Indeed, never too late to learn, to do, to enjoy.

The journey had many ups and downs and impatience pushed me farther and faster, but mostly wonderful people, clubs, regions, helped me. And yes, my confidence got a new boost too. I learned, I enjoyed and as I continue my journey, my paths and projects, I am allowed to stop a few hours and celebrate, am I? I am sure, you celebrate with me!

My first DTM I worked for it from 2009 January to 2013 July. Fast, because I had a very bad experience with finishing education in my youth. I felt, I should not let anything happen this time. It did not even if I had to postpone my HPL project with a year. My VPE and committee member said "you have already begun!" so I had to begun something else, even if similar. Storytelling workshops, no more in the club but in all the clubs of the Area I was then Area Governor. Of course, I had to finish also the AG work. 

This time, I did the Leadership roles all over the globe! 

Club Coach in Vancouver Island, Canada. Club Sponsor, in Global Trainers Online. Pathways Ambassador, visiting 10 clubs in and around London, UK. VP Education in my Witty Storytellers Online club. 

As for the two Path I have selected, from 5 finished, I begun in Virginia, USA to speak and went to an Oregon club also Remote access, was member at some time in seven clubs, most online or remote access. Of course, during my visits, later Virtual Training, Pathways workshops, helping non chartered online clubs, I spoke also for Guides in Australia, gave panel in New Zealand, and Reflected on my first path in Philippines. A very busy and wonderful journey! 

While celebrating my Pathways Distinguished Toastmaster plaque, this end of year, I am looking forward to learn, do, reflect more next year. 

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