14 Dec 2018

On the 2nd page of Evaluation forms

I took me 20 month and to open and prepare to explain a French Evaluation form, to really read what is written on the top of the second page of Every Evaluation Resource!

In the first page, after explaining briefly what THIS Project is about, we always find:
You excelled at:
You may want to work on:
To challenge yourself:

And that is all that it is suggested you tell in the oral evaluation, plus give confidence. Really? Indeed! So what is then the second page for? Here is the beginning, of all of them:
Indeed, Clarity, Vocal Variety, Eye Contact and Gestures, and others continuing, as Audience Awareness, numbers and comments square, are there big and bold to see. But what it is on the first row? In small and thin letters it is written:

For the evaluator. In the addition to your verbal evaluation, please complete this form. Did You realize, that the second page was or is not intended to verbal evaluation? I did not. Till now. All the second page is there, and explained in detail in the third page, to make the new toastmaster and all of us aware that the speech Clarity, our Vocal Variety, Gestures, Audience Awareness, and of course Eye Contact, matter. Are important. And to be able to follow our improvements on all those about which I really learn from a Mentor, from a form, and then the Level 3 Elective Projects. 

But they do not belong, if we read it at all, which I did not till now, to the VERBAL Evaluation! If you can, in your comment let me know, if any of you observed it.

It is written all on front above the numbers. Why do we skip to the bold, big, well it is how most of us read a page, a form. Do we? I do. I did till now.

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