12 Dec 2018

One more Level and now?

Second time, Leadership Development Level 3, this time in the French path. 

I got the Certification of Completion, through Base Camp, but I am waiting for someone from my London club, to declare it to the Club Central.

Wrote to President and to VPE, I am the Secretary. No one read it probably yet. Waiting.

But as I am Secretary, I did finish    level 3 and now, begun level 4.
One more Level does not matter so much but so many interesting projects unlocked. 

I read the project Compelling Blogging - in French. I read it again, in French and got a new idea. First was, to create a Pathways Blog in French. 

The second idea was to do this time in the order someone who begins Pathways needs it. Then, I decided to think and realized how important it is to have some articles in the "right order". In order! Like a book.

What we have to do first, what we do need to know second, and so on, to have - as it is for now - the best possible user experience.

First, I made a Table of Content about 20 subjects, then I decided I will alternate one article (post) general, one after a story about my experience of it, and so on. Great! But why should I do it only in French? I will try to do it also in English! Perhaps, even in parallel, at the same time in two languages.  

Pathways Projects open us our creativity! Give us inspiration. Then, we have to begun to do, to think, to reflect, to test, to do. Ask advice, and do it, better.

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