31 Dec 2018

Preferred Levels and Projects

Written already about my preferred Paths, Visionary Communication and Leadership Development.

Which Level I enjoyed most? Level 1 with all its projects, but most the Research and Presenting, as I am a researcher in my heart. Each Path, I found something I did not know about and wanted to understand better.

Level 3 with all the wonderful and divers Projects, was a delight each time also, all 12 projects.
Did you notice, a Level I said nothing about?

Then, I have to add the Write a Compelling blog,  and the Questions and Answer Session from Level 4, and one I discovered through Pathways: the Moderate a Panel Discussion from Level 5. 

All these projects are present in all path you can choose. They are MY preferred Projects, it does not mean that others do not prefer different one's. In the Visionary Communication, Develop your Vision, did teach me a lot also.

There are great Projects in every Path, I am sure you will find your preferred one's next year, if not yet. With you a wonderful end of year, or if you are already there, happy new year!


Marguerite said...

What a wonderful way to end the old year!
I'm in Level 3 in one of my paths and can't decide which electives to do. I may have to do most or all of them? And you've inspired me to maybe try the Blog project!
Thanks, Julie!

Mark Hughes said...

I did notice that you said nothing about Level 2. Care to share why you did not?

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

The Level 2 projects are my less liked ones. Even if finally, I found how to speak at the end, and others used them to give stunning speeches. I do not like the quiz nor trying to put me in box, nor the jargons used. I am speaking about the two projects, Your Communication Style and Your Leadership style. When one of them is replaced in a path, by one of Level 3 Electives I am happy.