28 Dec 2018

Me and my audience

 I fall in love ten years ago. An enduring, reciprocal love. In love with audience.

In love to share my stories, in love to offer workshops, in love later to make laugh. The important is the exchange we have, the feeling I have and, yes, do succeed most of time to get.

It is a wonderful feeling, even when sometimes just before it begins the butterflies are in my stomach. Once we are together, it is magic.

Yes, I need more health, care to be healthy for next year. Will try. But if any resolution for next year, and I do not usually take, is to be more often with audience again.
So this is more a wish, a desire, but I know, it is up to me to go our again instead of staying too much in my bed, home, alone. Even if I do go and assist to many meetings online.

Seeing this picture, I added on my front on Facebook, and adding it to the front, is to remind me, that all the paths I did and do, going now not higher but deeper, are great. But now, let me try go out, in many different ways and places, to meet again my beloved audienc.

It will be soon ten years I really begun with my first Icebreaker as Mystery speaker in Croydon. And, even before that in a Table Topic answer in Greenwich at Meridian Speakers. And spend more time doing instead of reading. Never too late, init?

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