25 Dec 2018

"From Christmas to Christmas" Icebreaker video, Christmas Eve

This is my 8th Icebreaker given Christmas Eve. Brian spoke about him as Santa Claus, from his childhood to now. Krishn, with great body language of a book he likes.

Each of my Icebreakers was very different! Some better, some less. But I did all of them with pleasure!

Usually my screen sharing works better, but I did want to share few. I learned, that it is better to share one kind, or should have closed the app that shows a picture, and then only opened my blog to show a picture from yesterday morning. We learn as we go. It would be a pity to do only one Icebreaker!

Stories told as Icebreaker - to improve on. 

Three of us spoke and the forth offered us Table Topics and General Evaluation. We listened with friendliness. Gave feedback also, on how we could improve with friendliness. Bellow, the round table feedback of my Icebreaker speech. 
Being with pals who understand and accept us, so important! Christmas Eve even more.

I was not alone Christmas Eve, I was with three other Toastmasters pals. Future President, from 1st January, the Past President from last year January, and Vice President of Education of Royal Road Toastmasters, till end of December. Very important, I converted one of my three pals to Blogging! He told me, he will begin early next year, to learn and write also a blog! 

Also important, since then, I told so many Christmas stories to myself from my life! And when I finished them, I told how much blogging changed my life, a few times!

Wishing all of you happy festivities or if not the feeling of being not alone, as I felt yesterday evening. Come online, if not yet, begin Pathways, we all improve together as we go along. 

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